Laura Bates: Everyday Sexism

In this fascinating talk, founder of the award-winning EverydaySexismProject, Laura Bates, talks about her inspiring initiative. The EveryDaySexism is an ever-increasing collection of over 50,000 women's experiences of gender imbalance. The stories come from women of all ages, races and sexual orientations, disabled and non-disabled, employed and unemployed, religious and non-religious. The project has expanded into 18 countries worldwide and become internationally renowned, featuring in media from the New York Times to French Glamour, CNN to Grazia South Africa, Cosmopolitan to the Times of India.

Laura Nelson: The unlabelled entrepreneur

Dr. Laura Nelson helps entrepreneurs all over the world unleash their potential and blast through their blocks to achieve financial and emotional fulfilment. She is an award-winning professional public speaker and has spoken to and inspired hundreds of people up and down the country, presenting at business and entrepreneurial events, The House of Commons, and TEDx London.

Martha Mosse: The slut, the spinster and the perfect woman.

In this talk, Martha Mosse an award-winning performance and visual artist brought up in England and France, talks about her work and the labels of Slut, Spinster and Perfect. Her movement-based works are skilful and thought-provoking investigations of liberty and constraint.Her installations involve performance behind and within spandex structures, designed to allow but also limit movement. Her malleable 'prisons' are both restrictive and the medium for the performer's expression.

Yann Borgstedt: Why men should invest in women.

In this powerful talk, entrepreneur and philanthropist Yann Borgstedt demonstrates the benefits of investing in girls and women. In 2005, Yann started the Womanity Foundation, which focuses on women's education, training and development in Afghanistan, Brazil, India, the West Bank, Israel and Morocco.

Leyla Hussein: Breaking cycles.

Leyla Hussein Co-Founded Daughters Of Eve which is a non profit organisation set up in 2010 which works to protect girls and young women who are at risk from female genital mutilation (FGM). She is also Chief Executive of Hawa's Haven which is a collective of Somali women campaigners and community activists who have come together to raise awareness about gender based violence particularly in Somali communities in the UK and the horn of Africa. She is also the newly appointed Community facilitator at Manor Gardens and recently completed a 1 hour documentary film with channel 4 on FGM in the UK.

Yang-May Ooi: How small acts of rebellion can create powerful change.

Through her personal 'coming-out' story, bestselling writer and storyteller Yang-May Ooi inspires us to follow an authentic journey of self-discovery, courage and love. Yang May's creative storytelling explores the power of personal narratives and is documented on her current website Her first blog Fusion View was featured on the BBC, celebrating diversity and cross-cultural understanding.

Gerardo Porteny: Unlabelling philanthropy.

In this inspiring talk, Gerardo Porteny talks about how philanthropy is a way to show your love for others. Gerardo Portney was 16 years old when he founded Pink Life Against Breast Cancer A.C. in 2010, a non-profit organization based in Mexico City that fights cancer, using education as a primary tool. Under his presidency, Pink Life has consolidated a strong presence in 10 schools and 4 universities and has imparted more than 100 conferences about the importance of breast self-examination.

Baillie Aaron: Once a thief  always a thief? 

Baillie Aaron is co-founder and Executive Director of Spark Inside, a UK charity supporting young people in custody through life coaching. She is also the founder of Venturing Out, a Massachusetts charity teaching entrepreneurship to men and women in prison. Both ventures seek to expose latent human potential, and adopt strength-based approaches toward empowering prisoners to achieve legitimate self-sufficiency on release.

Nicolette Kay: Hidden stories, hurried steps.

Nicolette Kay is the Artistic Director of New Shoes Theatre which she founded in 2009. It confronts social and environmental issues through producing powerful and inspirational work written by women. The company has produced Passi Affrettati (Hurried Steps), a powerful play written by Dacia Maraini for Amnesty International, to raise awareness about violence against women and girls. The company is a registered charity and provides workshops for groups of young women.

Mary Ann Mhina: The stories of our grandmothers.

Originally trained as an anthropologist and linguist Mary Ann Mhina spent many years living and working in East and Southern Africa. She worked extensively on issues of mental health, disability and inclusion and was for seven years the Director of AbleChildAfrica. Mary Ann has a life-long interest in women sharing their stories and her first book, "Listening to Our Grandmothers", in which older women do just that was published in September. She now divides her time between her own creative work as a writer and storyteller and working on projects with International NGOs. She is also a White Belt Nia Teacher & an Action Learning Facilitator as well as a former Chair of Lambeth Women's Aid.

The Treblemakers: Closing performance. 

The Treblemakers, a London women's a cappella singing group, perform regularly at a broad range of venues -- concert halls, corporate receptions, commercial centres, private parties, charity balls and pubs. The Treblemakers sing close harmony of traditional and contemporary popular songs, with no instrumental accompaniment or amplification.

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