Nikandre Kopcke: A recipe for revolution.

What value do we place on women’s work? What can their experiences tell us about gender inequality? Niki Kopcke cooks up a recipe for revolution and whets our appetite for heartfelt change. Nikandre ‘Niki’ Kopcke is founder of Mazí Mas - a roaming restaurant that creates employment for migrant and refugee women in London.

Lina Abirafeh: Women's safety in a violent world.

In humanitarian emergencies, like conflicts and natural disasters, violence against women increases. What does it take to ensure that women are safe? Lina Abirafeh shares her big idea for taking on, and ending, gender based violence around the world. Lina Abirafeh, PhD works on gender-based violence (GBV) and other gender issues in humanitarian emergencies all around the world. She will soon be joining the Lebanese American University as the Director of the Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World.

Ram Devineni: I stand with Priya.

Responding to the attack and rape of a woman on a bus in Delhi in 2012, Ram co-created the innovative augmented reality comic book against gender-based-violence, Priya’s Shakti. He shares the idea that sparked a comic book revolution. Ram Devineni is a filmmaker, publisher and founder of Rattapallax films and magazine based in New York City, Sao Paulo and New Delhi.

Marta Garcia Aliaga: A faceless Feminist's journey.

What is feminism really about? What lessons can it teach us, and how can we be better feminists? Marta charts a course across her personal history to share the wisdom of her family’s unsung feminist heroes, and what they mean for us today. Marta Garcia Aliaga is a feminist, writer and co-President of the SOAS Feminist Society. She also co-produces short documentary films about political topics, and is currently completing a Law degree at SOAS in London.

Emma Barnett: The secrets that snails can teach women about sucess.

What do we mean when we talk about women’s ambition? What are the things that really get in the way of realising our dreams? And how can we get better at seeing them? Emma Barnett hones our detective skills for the invisible dangers that hold women back every day - often without them knowing it. Emma Barnett is an award-winning writer and broadcaster, Women’s Editor of The Telegraph and creator of Telegraph Wonder Women. She presents BBC 5Live’s ‘The 5Live Hit List’, guest presents Woman’s Hour on Radio 4, and chairs the annual Woman’s Hour Power List judging panel.

Ella Achola: How to unlearn history.

From awkward school encounters to groan-inducingly offensive questions, Ella finds herself at the intersections of identity, and shares her big idea for bringing ourselves into the stories we tell. Ella Achola is a writer and founder of the Ain’t I A Woman Collective. Born in Berlin, Ella founded the Collective as an opportunity to engage with her Afro-German heritage and extend the conversation about Europe's black diaspora beyond the UK.

Lou Lebentz: The sweet sanity of madness.

What do we mean by madness? Is insanity as clear-cut as we think? Lou’s TEDx talk electrifies, surprises, and ultimately reveals some deep truths and big ideas about madness and identity. Lou Lebentz is CEO and Founder of Sweet Dreams, a revolutionary online sugar dependency programme. She is passionate about psychological health and wellbeing and has devoted half her life to studying and working with mental health issues, addictions and eating disorders.

Marianna Fox: What is the joy of Female Power?

What can art tell us about freedom? More importantly, what can it tell us about women’s freedom? Marianna Fox shocks and reveals to get to the root of art’s transformative powers. Marianna Fox is director of Passion for Freedom Art Festival, interior designer and architect born in Poland but raised in Russia.

Stacey Clare: The Ethical Stripper.

Challenge your presumptions, stereotypes and conventions with Stacey Clare, as she raises important questions at the intersection of feminism, worker’s rights, objectification and sex work. Stacey Clare cannot be defined as one type of professional - she has already lived many different lives as a performer, writer, activist, stripper, model, teacher, theatre maker, artist, events manager, PA, professional care worker, and founding member of the East London Strippers Collective.

Caroline Criado-Perez: Why do we still find women's voices so scary?

Why DO we find women’s voice so scary? What has been done to silence them? What big ideas might those voices reveal if we heard them? Caroline Criado-Perez breaks through silence to raise the volume on unsettling truths and inspiring possibilities. Caroline Criado-Perez is a British journalist and feminist activist, whose work has appeared in The Times, the Telegraph, the Guardian, the Independent and the New Statesman. She is author of Do It Like A Woman.

Shaunagh Connaire: Love in a time of Ebola.

In 2014 Shaunagh travelled to the epicentre of the deadliest Ebola outbreak ever recorded, and the resulting Unreported World film was the first documentary to capture the epidemic up-close. In the face of such devastating loss, what love is there to be found? Shaunagh shows the way. Shaunagh Connaire is a journalist and filmmaker for Channel 4, PBS Frontline, BBC World and CNBC. She was nominated as ‘One to Watch’ in 2013 by Guardian Edinburgh International TV Festival and shortlisted as ‘Student Broadcast Journalist of the Year’ in 2009 by the Guardian and Sky News.

Rama Mani: OURTopia, co-creating tomorrow, together, today.

Weaving poetry and performance, vision and action, word and wisdom, Rama Mani invites us to engage ourselves in transforming the man-made dystopia we now live in to an OURtopia: a world of we, us and ours that replaces today's world of I, me and mine. Dr Rama Mani is a Peacebuilder, Poet and Performance Artist. Councilor of the World Future Council, and Senior Research Associate at the University of Oxford’s Centre for International Studies. She is also Co-Founder of Rising Women, Rising World.

Emily Brothers: Life change with a degree of audacity.

12 days before her appearance at TEDxCoventGardenWomen, Emily Brothers had a triple heart bypass, just one more challenge overcome to inspire change. From disability to gender identity, Emily charts a life of challenge and the idea that brought her through it all. Emily Brothers was the first blind woman to stand for Parliament, and the first with a transsexual history to seek election to Westminster from a major UK party. She is former President for the Royal National Institute for the Blind, and is on the Board of Community Network.

Anne Laure Humbert: Statistics that make the invisible visable.

In a world where we quantify everything from GDP to happiness, can you put a number on gender equality? And what can you do with the numbers once you have them? Anne Laure Humbert shares a big idea for big change. Anne Laure Humbert is a Senior Research Fellow at Cranfield University, having previously worked as a Researcher at the European Institute for Gender Equality and as a Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University London. She has done extensive work in the area of women and/or gender within the economy and society.