Farrah Storr: The leadership revolution we all need.

Based on her experiences revamping some of the most recognizable women’s magazines in the world, Farrah Storr shares valuable lessons on what it takes to become a successful and authentic leader. Her insights are sure to inspire reflection in the leaders in us about the importance of staying true to ourselves. Farrah, was appointed Editor of Cosmopolitan UK in July last year. Since taking the role, she has led the magazine through a dramatic new look and introduced brand new content. In the latest round of ABC figures, she has successfully grown circulation by 59% year-on-year.

Angela Rastegar Campbell: How to stop taking and start giving.

What is an ‘Ego Economy’? What drives philanthropy? Are we truly giving for impact? Angela Campbell dismantles our understanding of charitable giving and invites us to consider that doing what feels good isn’t necessary always what is good. This highly informative talk will leave you with a fresh new perspective on how we think about giving.

Hala Abdullah: Woman.

In this heartfelt performance, Hala Abdullah addresses her yet to be conceived daughter. Inspired by her experiences as a woman born and raised in Saudi Arabia, her poetry is her own revolt against patriarchy. While her moving, fearless and bold verses are full of passion and hope. This talk is surely a true manifestation of the power of creative writing as a tool of resistance and empowerment.

Khemaridh Hy: From hustle to wholeness.

Coming off of a 14-year career as a successful Investment Banker, Khemaridh Hy embarked in an intense and uncomfortable journey of introspection. In this deeply personal talk, he shares his journey reconciling his ‘Inner Self’ with his ‘Outer Self’. In doing so, he gives us permission to lean into our own fears and the opposites in ourselves.

Daniela Rossade: A change in attitude towards engineering.

Mechanical Engineering student Daniela Rossade debunks the huge gender gap in Engineering and the social attitudes towards the industry. She’s passionate about making engineering more accessible by creating the right environment for young girls to have the confidence to explore it, and to give them the chance to appreciate the amazing world we live in.

Angela Luna: Design intervention for global issues.

Can fashion be a cause for social change? As a response to the refugee crisis, Angela Luna designed an innovative clothing line to meet the needs of refugees. In this passionate talk, she challenges the narrative of the fashion industry as being disconnected from global issues, and instead demonstrates its role as a movement for change.

Najwa Zebian: Finding home through poetry.

Drawing on her experiences growing up in different countries and struggling to find a place where she felt she belonged, Najwa Zebian revelas the power of the spoken and written word. She demonstrates how words can pave the journey that leads us to our home, to a place where we feel we belong, understood and valued, and most importantly where we feel worthy of feeling that way.

Emma Cannon: It's about time we value being fertile.

As a fertility specialist and acupuncturist, Emma Cannon spent years working with the medical profession to create fertile environments. Emma’s talk will inspire anyone to live a more fertile life- whether it's to have a child or be more creative, abundant and productive.

Sangita Mehra: Making lemonade from love.

Sangita Mehra shares her narrative spreading smiles among street children in India. Equipped with a motherly love and a passion to make a difference, she reminds us that no act is too small to create a big impact in the life of others.

Alexandra Azúa Hale: White lies of representation.

In a current climate of increasing fear and doubt toward difference, Alexandra Azúa Hale invites us to challenge the narratives governing the world today and to raise important questions about our societies’ racial inequalities. Through a critical analysis on ‘whiteness’, she seeks to give more meaningful senses of white identity.

Ruba Salih: Refugees. The danger of benevolence.

What kind of human life is being constructed when we categorize people as ‘refugees’? What do we mean by ‘refugees are human?’ is there in fact a shared humanity? Ruba Salih’s provocative reflections on refugees in contemporary times complicate the story of compassion and highlight the danger of benevolence.

Becky McOwen Bans: Where are all the women in advertising?

Becky McOwen-Banks takes us on a journey ‘From Where to Here’- a journey to uncover the under-representation of women in advertising. With alarming statistics and facts, she gives us a unique understanding of the gendered leadership within the creative industries- and inspires all to take action in order to ultimately change reality.

Hayley Smith: The monthly gift.

In this passionate talk, Hayley Smith reveals the potentially fatal plight of homeless women who are unable to source clean sanitary products. She seeks to challenge the negative societal discourses of menstruation, and urges instead to create safe environments where the needs of women living on the streets are addressed and solved.

Jendella Benson: Reclaiming the stories that define us.

In this honest depiction of identity and redemption, Jendella Benson shares her journey reclaiming the narratives that shaped her life and identity. She reminds us that the most important story is the one we tell ourselves as it has the power to transform our reality

Rachel Arthur: Fashion and technology, from frivolity to sustainability.

Rachel Arthur challenges our perception of the fashion industry as being superficial and frivolous. Instead, she proves how much impact the industry has in shaping the world and calls for continued innovation for the future sustainability of our planet.

Toby Walker: A trans man at the doctor's.

In this disarmingly courageous and hilarious talk, Toby Walker exposes the obstacles facing the transgender community when it comes to accessing complete and competent medical care- in the hope of ‘making being trans less fatal and more fun’.

Muna Hassan: Fighting for the Next Generation.

Muna Hassan inspires us to fight - on behalf of current and future generations - against Female Genital Mutilation and gender inequality. Muna Hassan is a co-founder and a lead outreach worker for Integrate Bristol, a charity that tackles the issues of gender based violence. She was part of the core group that started the work around FGM at the charity, which since has been recognised nationally and internationally. She also a co-founder of YouthforChange, another youth organisation that tackles the issues of FGM and Child and Early Forced Marriage in 4 countries.

Leigh Caldwell: The formula for privilege.

Welcome to Euristica! Using a computer simulation of an economic system, Leigh Caldwell takes us through a social experiment to explore some of today’s most pressing social issues. He debunks the unconscious biases that a society encodes towards those who are seen as ‘the norm’, and by doing so dismantles privilege.