The world today revolves around a culture that is in constant pursuit of continual happiness, setting ourselves goals and finding new challenges. Whether that’s as simple as defining a new year’s resolution, exploring self-care and wellbeing or tackling the feeling of incompleteness in our lives - the demands we place on our current and future selves is set at the ultimate high. 


This has left us to question, are the goals we set really what we want or what we are told to want? And will they really help us find that feeling of happiness that we are seeking?


Fear not, keep calm and breathe deeply.


TEDxCoventGarden wants to draw on the ideas and experiences of those who have tackled these exact questions head on. With a day filled with talks, mindful exercises, food and workshops to help us identify the path to finding our true authentic self. And most importantly, what tools we can use to really start living it!